Do not soak in the nternet bubble radish earn millions of years is not a dream

is also popular in bars era, He Xiaolong did not like ordinary young people in the Internet bubble, but the bubble radish, began his entrepreneurial career. He Xiaolong, an ordinary college students, but there is not a general entrepreneurial story.


to the "bubble Radish", have a great relationship with He Xiaolong professional. At the beginning of 2005, in Huazhong Agricultural University majoring in food science and engineering students of He Xiaolong and was assigned to the Zhejiang Jinhua, a food company internship, the company’s flagship product is the Jinhua local specialty in Lanxi to promote the small turnip.

to seek partners, their boss

"did not think a lot, such as the" boss "of what." Said this, He Xiaolong eyes clear, with young girls own pure expression. Up until now, the title of "the head of the development center" was still on her business card. She said, when recommended

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