Furniture store business premises can have

no matter what kind of business is a shop, if the site is not in place, it will be very detrimental to the operation of the entire store. So, want to shop well, the election is very important position. Investment in the selection of furniture business is the key to the operation of the store lot, is a necessary condition to make money easy shop. If you choose the wrong location, will affect the future of sustainable management. The shop location is decided after the day is the profit or loss. So, how to choose the furniture store?

prosperous lot:

in a good lot of furniture stores, need to carefully analyze the relationship between input and output. Because the location is good, so the nature of the site rent is very high, it requires the sale of products must be guaranteed sales, in order to avoid the rupture of the capital chain. In the purchase of products, to meet the different needs, the style is diverse, solid wood furniture, modern furniture, soft furniture, etc.. In the promotion, you can do it well emerge in an endless stream.

if you can do this, then although the opening of the furniture store at the beginning of the investment is relatively high, bear a relatively large risk, but after a few months of training, the profit should be guaranteed. On the other hand, there may be a big loss, the psychology of young entrepreneurs cast a shadow.

large shopping malls:

large shopping malls can be, but a lot of home stores need brand, quality certification and other materials. Shopping malls have a lot of convenient places, for example, the store is generally a shopping mall management, business tax and other shopping malls generally come forward, management difficulty and the amount of investment can be relatively easy to adapt to the novice. In the mall can be set up with a higher starting point to establish the influence of the brand, which will be in the future to set up a lot of furniture stores in other branches lay a good foundation. There is no basic ad for this area in addition to the new shopping mall, so often to the mall management department and ask whether the appropriate location. Once you get the position, you should pay attention to the goods to be professional. After the test can slowly increase the variety, and properly handle the relations and management.

wholesale market:

is an ideal choice. In the general city of this lot rent is not very high, the store does not need too much, kind of goods do not need too much, no need to decorate the cost of many, the passenger flow is generally good, can be said to be very ideal. Now customers are smart, many of them will go to the wholesale market to buy goods, but most of them do not know the wholesale market retail price is not necessarily cheap. Can sell on price, and may attract large buyers, Why not??! It is difficult to open the furniture store in the choice and competition. Here are generally strong many, many peers. If the product does not feature, the price is relatively high, can not be quickly recruited a group of long-term customers, operating >

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