Off-road car list

for car people, off-road car is very popular, many people love SUV, cool , so that people can not feel the same sense of stimulation. Domestic off-road vehicle which you like the most, in fact, most of the off-road vehicles off-road off-road vehicle " imitation goods " although it is imitation goods, but the price according to imitate is still a certain advantage. So, what kind of domestic off-road car well, look at the following list of domestic off-road vehicles.

off-road car list: Beiqi Knight

4 configuration Beiqi Knight price from 89 thousand and 200 yuan ~9.98 million, less than the previous sale of the small Cherokee, but also a lot cheaper, more cost-effective for the configuration of the 2500. 99 thousand and 800 of the four wheel drive auto Knight configuration dual front airbags and ABS+EBD safety protection system, no less than the domestic intermediate car reversing radar configuration, sunroof, leather seats, CD sound comfort configuration will undoubtedly increase the competitiveness of the knight BAIC to want to buy " the " can kick; go to the bad road in Beichuan disaster areas such as government, is an economical choice.

off-road car list two: Beiqi


Beiqi Trooper maximum configuration price was 279 thousand and 800, the original TOYOTA 3.6L engine with about 200000 of the price to buy a car is mighty, good off-road capability of the large displacement SUV is certainly more value, just work interior and look out some grades, do not know can qualify as Beichuan disaster leading car.

off-road car list three: Cheetah


Jones cheetah this 2.4 liter 4RB1 engine is used by TOYOTA technology, by the Sichuan Mianyang Xinchen power production, maximum power of 90 kW RPM in 2500 when power is enough rear suspension although used to design of steel plate spring in cost savings, but tuning relatively soft. So comfort is much better than imagined, the only defect is that the car can only be rear wheel drive, although the car is relatively hard, but off-road is not strong enough (than the city SUV that is certainly a good point)

off-road car list four: Cheetah

off-road car list: five Landwind X6

Lufeng, the representative is the breeze X6, and small series recommended X6 Landwind new decorative force after all diesel version of buying this car is to " ", Lufeng > brown;

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