Yiwu disabled business incubation base opened

although there are many kinds of entrepreneurial bases all over the country, there are few places for disabled people. The Yiwu disabled electricity supplier business incubation base, recently opened in the happiness of cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park, the first batch of 12 people settled in entrepreneurship.

this base for us to build a stage of employment and entrepreneurship." The first batch of settled on the entrepreneurial hope Ji Haiying. More than and 30 year old Ji Haiying in a car accident due to disability in the past 5 years, a year ago in Taobao, Tmall and other electronic business platform to sell home products. But it has been poor, mainly the lack of funds, sources and professional guidance." Ji Haiying said.

Yiwu has more than 16300 people with disabilities. In recent years, the city of Yiwu through electricity supplier training, many people with disabilities to join the electricity supplier industry to achieve the dream of employment and entrepreneurship. However, with the rapid development of information technology, product update speed, many people with disabilities face problems. To let more people with the success of the venture, the end of October, the establishment of the Yiwu disabled business incubation base, provide policy support and technology, market analysis and other services for them.

"incubator integration of high quality resources of the Yiwu electricity supplier industry, the electricity supplier training, store operations, logistics, financial and other aspects of the industry chain, to provide one-stop business nanny service; provide free office space and some necessary accommodation for disabled entrepreneurs, including micro business, domestic trade, cross-border, and a series of 1688 arrange training courses; specialized guidance and technical team, feasibility analysis, meet the disabled entrepreneurs bag in entrepreneurship, learning and living needs." Park planning department head Xu Liangcong introduction, at present, the park is actively engaged in the production of enterprises and financial institutions to provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs.

has such a disabled service base, no doubt that the local people with disabilities can have a good entrepreneurial base, and then let the entrepreneurial career has been very good development. In short, entrepreneurship is universal, we also need to give the disabled a better entrepreneurial space, to be able to help them realize their value in life.

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