We should care about love Shanghai weights

3, all to be able to query and calculate the flow as the sum of the site search flow obtained from love of Shanghai;

2, by ranking position and to estimate the amount of search keywords of the website of course where the ranking position can get much traffic (get traffic = total search volume * ranking position hits);

so, if we blindly love Shanghai weight data, is likely to miss a lot of good website. For example, some industry websites, the search is small, even if there is a 10-20 ranking in front, because the search is small, so it can not be in love to get good numerical weight in Shanghai. But the other station, because the 1-3 of a large flow of words, the other love Shanghai ranking performance is not good, as can obtain high weight value; therefore, the data for this unfair, I suggest you Adsense value it. read more

The roots of how to identify high-quality external links

three, the link position

!The correlation between

many well known, the poisonous spider crawl the page is the principle from the top down, from left to right, that is to say you link to the front on the left, the weight will be higher, this is why people love those who buy links to your site keywords to allow the seller to move.

and related website links, let it give you vote, you get the weight should be very good. Related website is equivalent to the election three good student, the teacher will only take their own class to vote, and not to adopt other classes or other students to vote (they have no authority and related links). read more

Guo Moruo two months how to do love Shanghai home top three website

C, make written Internet friends, because you work, need a lot of human resources, therefore, make more friends, play a very important role in your future work. So, "

B, view the site included love Shanghai, record shot down, analysis helps you later, see the work you do every day is to produce benefits, and better motivate yourself to do.

in May 30th, I received the first website of Shanghai dragon, keywords customer choice is "Jiangxi Nanchang study abroad, study abroad, study abroad in Jiangxi, Nanchang to study abroad, study abroad in Jiangxi". read more

Discussion the keyword optimization ranking hierarchy website

to advance its matter, must first sharpen his tools. In the website optimization ranking process, grasp the correct understanding of the optimization method, the optimization accurate information you can out of the promotion of misunderstanding, we can solve the website ranking problem fundamentally, do not have the website ranking and tangled, is not to mind taking the trouble to ask. How to really do the website ranking? The first step we need to understand the optimization hierarchy division ranking keyword. read more

n eight the content of your site failed to rewrite

              a few years ago, as long as you update the keyword rich content regularly, the search engine will think your site is useful. Now, many complex algorithms and increasing social media means that the Internet plays a more and more important role. This is the result of eight kinds of rewrite the content of your site failed.

              four, the chain

              two, no social signal read more

NO.1 establish links 6 month plan

link type: analysis from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, webmaster want to link in the construction process, more diversified, multi-channel and multi range, wide and effective so any project optimization will gradually establish links to resources, in the transfer project should first optimize the data prior to the analysis of the type links to resources arrangement and clear, easy for later better operation, avoid weaknesses.

, a data link audit

IP cluster: to collect and collate the data has two purposes, one is to analysis the population distribution of the site is mainly in what areas, another is through these IP addresses can be analyzed by the site which users concern, can be better marketing and Optimization for these groups. read more

Analysis single keyword ranking how to optimize the home page

A single

two. A single keyword site outside the chain of high quality optimization and construction of

single keyword ranking how to optimize the home page? In today’s Internet era many would like to use this platform to open up a new way of marketing for themselves, many traditional businesses are continued to build their own marketing website, is that some time ago, Yang Zi Shanghai, received a customer, the customer is a professional the production of electric car company, Shanghai dragon asked Yang Zi if there is intention to meet him in this case, when Yang Zi asked him to go to Shanghai dragon website come to see, through the basic analysis and diagnosis of the site and the total station is good, is the lack of page optimization, as long as the strengthening of the station’s value to do some content construction. High quality external link optimization, it is easy to effect. Immediately responded to OK. and asked the customer what is required to do ZhengZhan or a few keywords, he said as long as do a keyword "electric sightseeing car" ranking, the time is two months. In a reasonable price negotiation, Watson agreed. Next we will begin doing this optimization, keyword optimization at the same time there are many webmaster Yang Zi in Shanghai dragon group asked for a single keyword ranking optimization how to do? Here is Yang Zi this keyword optimization of Shanghai Longfeng case and do a simple share. read more

Chen Liang search engine optimization principle in Shanghai Phoenix 700pm

can be said to be an experience of occupation, so Shanghai dragon Er, actually, so engaged in the search engine optimization, is often, lies in the execution, is constantly thinking, in an independent personality and thinking of the brain, continue to try, repeat to do that in the eyes of others is a boring thing. To do that, one day, you will find that you do this 7:00pm very organized, very good-looking, very level, very delicious. Original >

the Southern Song Dynasty, the yuan army south, Dibing song together with Lu Xiufu, Zhang Shijie and others fled to refuge. When they came to Hongkong new Kam Tin area around the village, the villagers get hospitality. But in the rush between the villagers could not find enough food in the jar, but will use big tub dishes together, develop into 7:00pm. Since then, every big feast, villagers will enjoy vegetable. read more

How much to pay the webmaster for the Shanghai Dragon



we should avoid spider trap, and then to attract spider. How to attract

2, high quality import links. The import link refers to the site of the internal and external link. The internal link anchor text related to the corresponding page. External links, because of love in Shanghai on the chain of garbage strike, and the chain is quality is not the amount, to contribute to the high weight of the corresponding platform, to attract the spider;


I one day is as follows: 7 in the morning to get up, 9 work, 18 work. Home about 19.30, cook, eat, eat dinner in the evening around 21. 21 to 22.30 as the study time, go to A5, the owners of the house, Shanghai dragon WHY, love to see Shanghai Webmaster Platform, to understand the dynamic of the latest Shanghai dragon. 22.30-23.30 Qugao enterprise station article (fortunately, a friend and I do together). 23 to 1 points for the blog add article. About 1.30 to contribute. It means to be around 1 points to the blog things done. 2 wash, bath. Lying in bed sleeping in 1-2 in One Piece. So it will be the 2 o’clock. Go to bed at 7 in the morning! And the beginning of a new day. read more

Do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng marketing enterprise

in the online shopping process, "brand", "brand style, brand gender styles" and "brand number" and "business"

then for a qualified member of Shanghai dragon optimization, marketing e-commerce platform Shanghai dragon how to do it? In this regard, simply speaking, is the analysis, strategy, human resources, and implementation.

with the development of the Internet industry, all walks of life have joined the development of electronic commerce, website construction, website hosting operations called the new trend of the times, resulting in Shanghai is a good helper for Longfeng web hosting task solving. So how to optimize the work site of the Shanghai dragon read more

Ali Mom a messy advertising marketFriends six degrees expired offline

Ali mother like a no plan to control completely rely on the market this "invisible hand" manipulation of the free market, the 9503 sites 14542 advertising price as the pricing by advertising the sellers themselves, and Ali mother didn’t have a reasonable pricing mechanism, many sellers do not know this give yourself the advertising how price is reasonable, so the emergence of advertising pricing is unreasonable phenomenon. Some advertising by self give yourself a few cents and a few dollars, advertising even sold what difference and free? Objectively and also disrupt the advertising market, is really a dog in the manger; and some websites have just established a few days every day, independent IP less than ten, but have no shame to set their own 10 thousand / week, this is really the advertisers are fool. read more

Analysis large and small website optimization Website

content of the small site inclusive Co., limited the number of keywords is so available, and to optimize the large sites, number of words available very much. Of course, if it is a large site in the same industry and small web site keywords available there will be overlap.

I have encountered such a case, one is the enterprise station, one is the B2B industry station, two websites of the same name, but in the optimization, but require different optimization strategies.

small websites and large-scale web site analysis read more

Discussion on how to control the chain website

for entering the Shanghai dragon industry webmaster, how to optimize the website quickly, the site quickly get ranking, to test their learning Shanghai Longfeng achievements, and favorable to prove that they can grow into expert of Shanghai dragon. But get ready to face the ranking is not Everything is going smoothly., roaring waves test. Get a good ranking of the knowledge in the website, "content is king, the chain for the emperor" concept, Shanghai dragon’s heart deeply. May we begin, feel content optimization is to add article every day on the line, so early into the Shanghai dragon may put above the chain optimization focus on the website, spend most of the time in the chain, or select some good mass outside the chain of tools, the number of the chain website has been improved in a certain period of time, some may have greatly improved, but the thin detection of the quality of the chain, the chain less useful. The following Changsha website Xiaobian to talk about how to control the quality of the chain website. read more

Do we need to pay attention to the focus of community promotion forum

users a good location, you can start to promotion.

we need to make a plan.

I believe we have heard about

1. user group

we need to develop a strategy to promote the soft products, we can use the characteristics of the product, price and promotion to the upgrading of products as a reference. We can carry out different marketing strategies according to the seasons, holidays, gifts, activities and events of different time and situation. These can be used in the text, but also in the promotion of the general. We must be based on the promotion of the goal to screen some community or forum. These communities and forums relevant to the content and we aim to promote, and to read the forum rules carefully. The PR community forums and try to choose between 3 to 5, PV5 to 50 or more, IP3 to 100 thousand or more, less than 500 thousand Alexa. Registered in these forums and communities, first look at Yue Fen technology can add the target signature when the link to the site, if you can not add links, we can add the keyword promotion. And then a master account for publication, in addition to about 3 accounts vest account, can be top posts or posts. We need to publish content is ready, the account number and password to keep records. The main account released content > read more

360VS love Shanghai, only do benefit

second, the importance of the site and the site security is self-evident. 360 site safety monitoring site can not only find the problems, but will also reduce the safety monitoring results presented directly to the user, it is dangerous to tell the user site or a secure web site, so the safety of the range of websites in the minds of users to be more vivid, dangerous websites not only affect the search engine included, even shaken the site in the heart of the user position. Site safety monitoring, make a more comprehensive understanding of your situation. There is love Shanghai webmaster tools is the use of third party monitoring tools, and 360 people are using their own monitoring tools. read more

After the revision of the main material night think eleventh keywords from the top three to combat r

4. blog role play. Ingeniously free blog traffic attracted to the site over, relying on high weight, portal blog soon included daily release recruitment information of civil servants and institutions, in the article with pictures or text induced in the "recommended secretarial forum interview counseling" and "Statation writing" and "written Zhenti" section, improve the user the registration conversion rate, the effect is good.

1. To make this point very tired and dull but very important. Even in the new year’s day, Spring Festival, evening again later, or the next day to get up early in the morning before, to ensure that the 9 points, updated articles about 10 articles, of course, there is a small part of the original, most of the original is false, but all indicate the source, some directly reflected in the title, honest, do not know it not to the search engine friendly performance: read more

Hou Xiaoqiang entrepreneurship is like masochism. My biggest point is being immuneSingle plank bridg

"Confucius" Shu literati represents the noble sentiment


Feng Shu: the work of the capitalists is the role I have played for a long time – chairman. If China wants to comment on the most senior chairman, I can count one, because I have been president for more than 20 years and have not worked as a manager. The chairman represents the interests of the shareholders and the board of directors is the manager of the capital.

some of my partners say I am not like a businessman because I have nothing to do with money. I am afraid it has a lot to do with my education and social ideals. read more

s charging treasure, and air purifier, jumei intends to continue to do electricity supplierFamous v

this looks and electricity supplier irrelevant mobile power industry, is not jumei’s first attempt to non electricity supplier business. Less than half a month ago, jumei has just announced the sector cut into the air purifier market, launched a new product "REEMAKE core quality."".

and jumei in a cross-border investment, street news Shuabing began on the night of May 4th.

? >

of course, you can go with no experience in business, but if you have a clear entrepreneurial companies will face challenges: financing, adjust the direction of the product, and the cultivation of culture, so the probability of success will be a little larger. These things don’t come from the workplace, and when you’re looking for support from friends and family to start the company, you have to hit the nail on the head. read more

The first half of the PO transcript exposed 2017 some people arrogate 13, these VC PE to make over!

1 search engine marketing method and enterprise website is inseparable. The enterprise website promotion is one of the main purposes of search engine marketing so the establishment of professional business website is mainly relying on enterprises to effectively carry out the search engine marketing enterprise website, professional and friendly search engine to search engine marketing effect has direct effect.

"investment is like a siege, people outside the city want to go in and people in the city really play."." Over the past 6 months, the investment community has witnessed the joy and regret of this world. 2017, the second half of the story has just begun. read more

The sports industry site profitable way to make moneyFuture online and offline advertising and trend

shlf1314 Adsense has just come out, make a fortune, because website basketball quite the same, we are trying to help advertising, point 2 months, shlf1314 to send an e-mail, hurry over site the way to make money. Later made a little sh419 search alliance, but the effect is not good, and can only hang on, a month can have 200-300 pieces, enough smoke money.

"These data can be used in radio, print, direct mail, outdoor and popular websites," says Harry Gold, a senior search engine data expert at read more