Site site can not find the home page, first from their own reasons

saw a lot of people are saying that site can not find the problem of the home page, I also put my station from normal to find the home page, and then come back to share the experience, we hope to study together.

I set up the time last December, when nothing understood, applied for domain name, in the Internet to find a classified information procedures, the site on-line. And so on, probably less than a month, the site was included. At that time my website called Weifang information network, but later found the link when Weifang information network has said how others disaster caused by flooding water, Weifang is the information network to exchange links? I will go to the Baidu search, and the information of Weifang it is too much, big and small, old and new. So I decided to change the title of the web site in this condition, and combined with my domain name, I decided to change to Weifang network. In this way, I changed the title of the website, not a few days, I found slowly website keywords ranking down, and then can not find, but at this time, site is still home. read more

Where to go direct marketing does not harm the tourism industry, B2C management challenges, distribu

early this year, eLong and Ctrip both sides carried out a series of low-priced marketing competition and war of words is full of controversy. The industry also believes that the two giants battle of words and price war is not a healthy way of competition. The traditional hotel booking distribution model, the hotel needs to Ctrip such network intermediaries pay a certain amount of commission. This means that seemingly low prices behind, in fact, consumers need to dig out a certain amount of "intermediary fees."". The relevant data shows the current time through Ctrip booking Commission is usually successful room price of 15% to 20%, indicating that the price of the hotel there is a big decline in space, but in order to better sell their rooms, and had to pay a commission to the distributors. read more

Webmaster friends do your website, insist on

is really a webmaster do stand really hard, I was in the IT, the Internet understanding also said in the past, but on the network this thing, always feel mysterious and I love it the myriads of changes, slowly, every day to deal with it.

I work in the day

foreign trade company, is responsible for the network on the one hand, work back to the dormitory or facing the computer, because it is an important part of my life, I love it, pay more attention to it, I think I can do what. So I chose the station yourself, is to do, can do what, for whom, for what are not mature, and at first I want to do that, do the station, still without any success, pay attention to every day people who share the experience of stationmaster net success I can only envy, thought his naive success, also give it some day unknown to the public owners to provide help and support, until one day, I put the first portal to my birth. To my friends and classmates with them on my website has opened your presence, they give me a lot advice and support to IP in a violent rise, that is how happy and a sense of achievement achievement. read more

Subscribe to the number of ideas used to do service number, a dead end!!

I’m not alarmist, many students in mind is a paste, apply for a service, but the operation is thinking of the subscription number that, for a subscription, but operational thinking is entirely a service number for that one, feel shy of these two kinds of circumstances, to the final outcome, is a dead end!! (you are special public operations novice, please take the time to read the following article. If you are already a master, just ignore it!)

WeChat public number is divided into: service number, subscription number, enterprise number, three categories. Service number and subscription number have very strong marketing value, so we study micro marketing mainly in time and effort in these two aspects. And enterprise number is to do enterprise internal staff information communication and communication, as well as upstream and downstream business information channel, belong to the internal management system and platform, basically I don’t speak this piece. read more

WeChat running dry goods do not let your WeChat fixed misplaced

, a few small questions first,

What’s the use of

1 and WeChat public

?What does

2 and public numbers do for me,


3, pick the subscription number or service number?

What’s the

1 WeChat public number?


WeChat public No. absolutely not because other companies have done it, so I’m going to do it. In my opinion, the WeChat public key has 6 main uses.

1 provides users with loyalty and mobility. Many bosses asked WeChat, "how much powder did WeChat add today? How many fans are there now? In fact, the amount of fans is not the focus, and the quality of the fans is the most important.". For businesses, truly loyal, active fans are valuable. read more

The B2B2C business model studies the relationship between control and loss of control

C2C is undoubtedly the freest mode. But freedom has a price, and that is out of control. C2C e-commerce platform, such as Taobao will have fake problems, C2C information platform, such as micro-blog, there will be rumors. As consumers, enjoy cheap and rich goods, we must beware of fakes, enjoy the sharp and plump speech, we must beware of rumors. As a producer, can freely enter the market means to fight fake, can speak freely with the means to face the public and bloody street and call. Therefore, some people naturally want to sacrifice certain freedom, and obtain certain security and order. That’s the origin of B2B2C. read more

How does the URL stand to grab the start page

The first step of

, to practice magic, we must first from the palace. Now hao123265114la has occupied half of the country, and each suit (style) the public! So you have to catch up from behind, the first step is to first practice itself, to create a unique style of his own. To allow Internet users to see your web site, there is a refreshing, completely reborn feeling. Also, another major factor sunflower invincible is fast! Fast! Fast! As long as the two – style fresh and quick access — I’m sure you visit a web site, there will be a large proportion of Internet users will be willing to your web site for home page. read more

40 days PR value from 0 to 3 of some thinking

make a network for a long time, until some time ago to do a website, the ultimate goal is to make money, but not now, so don’t want to put too much effort, but also do not want too utilitarian pursuit of something, but they still try diligently do, hope that their ability to network under test.

my domain name registration for more than half a year, but the station (tourists love is in 2009 April, just go back to search under the release date, the earliest in April 15th, then spent about a week’s time to replace the template, and then starts from the end of April to update. At the beginning of the constant inquiries GOOGLE, Baidu included, and later found that urgent useless, simply do not check. As for the ALEXA ranking and PR value, know GOOGLE update is very slow, have not seen, until a few days ago someone told me the 3, I still can’t believe it, he told friends, do not believe, later confirmed, also admire me, ha ha. read more

Grassroots need to understand the new model of the nternet, but not all of them

Internet has enough important position in people’s life, in addition to its inherent convenience, innovation speed is also a very important weight, because it can make you more fresh, it soon became synonymous with the internet. In today’s Internet in the new term is a product may emerge in an endless stream, and also may be a business model, in a lot of new things into the center of the stage, and then gradually withdraw from the central, there are new things coming in again and again, just on the Internet this change seems to be more faster. read more

Mall website needs to improve from user experience, can improve conversion rate

recently Taobao shop baptism makes a lot of individual shop are facing off, some Taobao stores choose to close the shop, some choose to establish their own independent shop, to build their own network brand website. If you want to make a fortune from the network, the establishment of an independent network of its own brand is a must, but the mall site is different from traditional enterprise website, website construction to the mall not only site traffic, an important transformation of website traffic rate, will be the most important entry site traffic into the largest proportion. The traffic conversion rate is directly related to the users of the mall website. How to improve the conversion rate of the website from the users of the mall is the primary problem that we need to solve. read more

ndustry outlook, explore the industry class website made industry station

every site is developed from childhood, like many portals now, are made from small websites. Grassroots Adsense site, but also hope that their web site, there is bigger and stronger day. If you are doing industry class website, how to make the site industry station,


A5 forum November 5th version topic "Research on the prospect of" industry website, invite a long time marriage network founder Mr. Liang Changhai together to discuss the topic of network industry. This paper focuses on finishing version, hoping to do industry website webmaster help. read more

Baidu promotion account management reduce the promotion cost, enhance the promotion effect depth ana


on several days of Baidu promotion work experience, there are quite a lot of friends around, do the soft media release, as a programmer, do the planning, job hopping into a new company, to deal with a Baidu promotion, and found that many of the problems will be assorted, the account will not move, no data analysis, this time you’ll think of me, then give me a call, talk about the specific problems encountered, talk about what they do some things, and finally found that when the transfer account is nothing more than to achieve the following objectives, no promotion effect, the promotion effect is not good enough, promotion cost is too high, then there is No. So today, I’m going to start with these goals and write an article. When they call me, they’ll just read it. read more

B station and mango joint, A station’s next target attack means

at the A station in 2016, should I take a pill or 23333333


January 14, 2016, AcFun (commonly known as A station) announced the acquisition of Softbank China $60 million, A+ round of financing, as well as new job adjustment.

The original

CEO sun min as president of the company, the new CEO Moran represents the first public appearance in A station. Sun Min retreated behind the scenes, responsible for commercial development of the company, but the ruling power station A overall planning and strategic adjustment. read more

Actual combat experience personal webmaster how to build a stable website

in fact, most webmasters know the importance of website stability to SEO, but a lot of people know how to build a stable website, but they don’t know why". Many new Adsense is because in the "site stability" suffered, repeatedly toss, do not always lead to weight loss of morale and even abandon the site.

so how can we build a stable website? What details should we pay attention to, a stable website,


first, a stable website, usually including "server stability" and "stable" two aspects, the author then, in his "Neville cervical disease network" two years of practical experience to introduce how to build a stable website: read more

From salt panic to see, the crowd psychological guidance can help the website to do promotion

Hello, I’m Muzi in the boat. Just today in the Tencent today’s special column, see such an article "herd – the moon go, I also go", feeling very well written. This article is about today’s hot spot: grab salt. Love is the author in the sentence: Generally speaking, superstition to spread rumors, they belong to the kind of collusion. But there is an evil "accomplice" can not escape, that is, conformity.

herd mentality has been embedded in the hearts of the Chinese people since ancient times, not to mention the rumors of the ancient times. The most typical example is the SARS for 03 years, remember the Berserk radix and vinegar, the article use the above sentence at that time should be a scene like this: from the wild firecrackers to mung bean soup from Radix Isatidis to panic buying swept supermarket; from Beijing to Inner Mongolia, from Hebei to Shaanxi. From Guangdong to Henan, from Tianjin to Ningxia, superstition and blind obedience tide swept north and south become fashionable for a time, panic buying. It all stems from our own lack of security and mistrust of external information. Just because of the nuclear leak caused by the small Japan earthquake, the event could have done great harm to the Chinese people, plus some good and bad rumours: "iodized salt can protect against nuclear radiation.". So salt prices rose, people also followed the crazy, panic buying troops swept across the country. read more

Health category personal station does not record, will be faced with risks

first of all, I need to say that I am not the title party. This is the real thing that happened to me. If you are a person, if you have a health care station, if your site has not yet been filed, then you may not be able to survive. Why do you say so, please allow me to say.

that’s the way it is. I have a scar, do not know what time from the beginning of a warning: open access to the page may be a security risk. In this way, a warning, you are ranked well, and no user dare to click on your station to browse ah. read more

tBuLu what does the phoenix nest program bring to our webmaster

saw many posts last night at some of SEO’s forums to discuss whether to stay up late and wait for 12.1 of Baidu’s updates. Indeed, every time Baidu update, changes have brought the passions to our webmaster; our countless days and nights of struggle or cast to waste or bring the harvest. As far as I know, Baidu’s "phoenix nest" should be formally launched on line 5. Yesterday, it couldn’t enter the backstage operation. Description from the formal line into the countdown state. For our webmaster should how to face every change of Baidu, and the new system algorithm. Itbulu personally believes that the summary has the following points: read more

How does nternet Co do holiday operations Give the strawberry Music Festival a nternet Co rating

Wen / Yang Miao copycat conference founder

yesterday at the strawberry Music Festival hot day, t-miao feeling quite simple (not feeling!), under the arrangement of ideas, share some. In addition, the students who are planning to go today, please take me to the end of the text. There are some practical suggestions for participating in the music festival. It might be useful to look before you start.

do not know is not affected by the SXSW (SSW Festival) the effects of recreational activities of various domestic Internet Co, most get together like strawberry Music Festival (last year also pan chaos inventory "sponsored by 51 Music Festival, why mobile Internet Co are only love?"). T-miao yesterday at the scene also saw a lot of Internet Co to do some activities, each with its own characteristics, then write down some thoughts, for later to do holiday operations practitioners reference to students. read more

Crazy PR

today is GOOGLE PR value update day, most webmaster friends are closely watching their station PR value change. Should be that sentence, someone happy, someone worry. Higher PR value means that the higher the popularity of the site’s attention, the more the search engine’s love for it. PR value decreased, indicating that the quality of the site in general, search engines love less, and even be cast aside. Station is also a new station, on-line less than two months, today to see the PR value has reached 2. Consider again this month to day and night promotion, a little comfort. read more

Do you need your own house on exclusive servers

has my life been doomed? That’s a good question. If we know the answer in life, then we don’t have to spend too much time worrying about what to do, but let it go and never turn back. Life, there’s no guide, we seem to be improvising. There is no regret, it is up to you.

but fortunately, this article is not to discuss your lifestyle, but want to answer, is a more straightforward question: whether you need or simply wanted to have their own dedicated server. Imagine it. (before the website has been swept through the web like a storm cloud), you have created a website of your own – half for entertainment and half for trying to make some money. However, miracles continue to occur, and as website access continues to rise, you receive more and more product inquiries. As business grows, you quit your current job and devote yourself wholeheartedly to your booming Internet business. read more