Nouredine Lakhmari Releases Teaser of Latest Film, ‘Burn Out’

Rabat – Moroccan filmmaker Nouredine Lakhmari has released a teaser of his latest film, “Burn Out”.The production is a multi-narrative film, in which the stories of several characters, representing different Moroccan categories and social classes, intersect.In the film, each of the characters wants to purchase their dreams or is battling their demons. Thirteen-year-old Ayoub is a shoe-shiner who dreams of buying a prosthesis for his disabled mother. Jad, 40, is a successful entrepreneur haunted by the past memory of his dead father. His wife, Ghita, 28, finds herself trapped in an unhappy marriage. Faridi, a politician of 55, whose son died in an accident, seeks affection in the arms of Aida, a 25-year-old medical student leading a double life, selling her body in exchange for money. The stories of these characters take place in Lakhmari’s favorite setting: Casablanca. The Moroccan metropolis was the setting of Lakhmari’s last two successful films, “Casanegra” (2008)  and “Zero” (2012).The movies reflected the deep influence of American leading filmmaker Martin Scorcese on Lakhmari.In the first movie, he drew inspiration from Scorcese’s 1973 film “Mean Streets”. In “Zero”, the Safi-native director gave what seemed like a Moroccan version of “Taxi Driver”.The teaser of “Burn Out” was published by HuffPost Maghreb, showing “Casanegra”’s leading actors, Anas El Baz and Driss Rokh.Lakhmari’s movies are known for their strong language, which has divided public opinion, with some denouncing them as incompatible with a Moroccan conservative society, and others praising them and saying they reflect reality.

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