Applications for American 2017 Diversity Visa Lottery to Begin October 3

Rabat – The US Department of State has announced that the registration for the ‘Diversity Migrant Visa 2019’ (green card lottery) will begin on October 3 and close on November 7.Registration for the visa can be done for free only online at, which will be active during the registration period.According to a document released by the US Department of State, applicants for the green card lottery should register as early as possible since the heavy demand on the website during the last few weeks of the application period might cause website delays. The document specifies that paper applications and late applications will not be considered, whereas “individuals with more than one entry will be disqualified.”The applicants must respond to simple yet strict eligibility criteria, including a baccalaureate certificate. If more than one member from the same family wishes to apply for the Diversity Visa, each member must register individually.The US Department of State will use a computerized system to select the applicants from the bank of eligible entries. The applicants will be able to check the status of their green card application by May, 2018.The number of Moroccans selected in the Diversity Immigrant Visa changes slightly from year to another, but it approaches 3000 people. Further information will be provided to individuals whose applications are selected, such as the fees involved in the immigration visa.Every year, the DV Lottery provides up to 50,000 randomly selected foreigners, less than 1 percent of the total applicants, with permanent residency in the United States.However, the current lottery comes amid an intense debate over immigration and drastic policy changes that have made the US less welcoming to new immigrants.President Donald Trump has severely cracked down on illegal immigration and pressed forward with initial plans to build a wall along the border with Mexico. He has issued executive orders targeting foreign workers, travelers and refugees from certain majority-Muslim countries.While Trump never issued any official statements about the green-card lottery, its days may be numbered. The lottery appears to conflict with the president’s call for a “merit-based” immigration system, and at least two bills in the Republican-controlled Congress seek to eliminate the program.

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