Watch David Lloyds hilarious impression of Fred Trueman

first_imgDavid LloydTwitterBefore cricket coverage on television became a common thing, it was radio commentary that ruled the roost. Commentators on the latter medium became legendary figures and their commentating style a rage. Among the commentators who gained great recognition for their distinctive style of analysing the game was the iconic English fast bowler Fred Trueman.Having had a very successful career as a pacer, Trueman became a regular on radio and a key member of the BBC cricket commentary show ‘Test Match Special’ team. What has come to be regarded as the trademark of Trueman’s commentary is his lack of false modesty in talking about his achievements.It is this quality that has often been referred to by various commentators in their stints. One man who fancies a good Trueman impression is the popular television commentator David Lloyd. On Saturday, August 17, using a unique application, Lloyd put out a funny video of himself mimicking the great English pacer. The video has the picture of Trueman with the microphone and only the moving lips of the person providing the voice.Poking fun at Trueman’s tendency of self-promotion, Lloyd depicts him brushing off Jofra Archer’s speed of bowling as something he could easily better. To add further comical touch to the impression, Lloyd also mispronounces Archer’s first name as Jefferey rather than Jofra. Here is the video:A word from Fred— David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd (@BumbleCricket) August 17, 2019last_img

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