Solid Energy hits back at illegal environmental activist actions

first_imgAround the world it is reassuring to see mining companies and mining executives taking positive action against the bully tactics and illegal activities of anti-mining NGOs and others. Legal action in justified cases is one thing, illegal and dangerous actions that are wholly self-serving to the anit-mining cause are quite another.Just this weekend, New Zealand coal producer Solid Energy said on Sunday that it “stands 100% by its use of security advisors to help protect its people, its property and its business against the ongoing and increasingly illegal activities of environmental activists.” The company’s CEO hit back hard following an article in the Sunday Star Times: “All businesses gather a wide range of information to protect themselves against risk. We’re no different; one of our significant risks is the illegal activities of these activists, which are specifically designed to cause us maximum economic damage. As part of our security risk management we employ advisors, including Thompson & Clark Investigations, to provide us with information and advice to manage and minimise these sorts of risks to our business. “We contract with them on the same basis as all our other consultants and contracts; that all the activities they carry out are legal, ethical and moral. We are fully satisfied that all TCIL’s and others’ work for us complies with this requirement. “Time and time again over the last two years activists have tried to damage our business. These people are not peaceful, legitimate critics or protestors. These groups include anarchists who have stated publicly that they believe they do not need to act within the laws of New Zealand. Their actions have repeatedly broken the law, and part of their purpose is to intimidate staff and others associated with our company. “Activists have repeatedly harassed our staff. In recent weeks they have also harassed and attacked the home of one of our directors. Just on Friday two activists were seen, by a number of staff,filming and ‘casing’ our Christchurch office from the street. They have shown they are willing to endanger their own lives and others by chaining themselves to railway lines and by camping out in an area closed for public safety reasons due to blasting.“This occupation of the blasting zone was the tipping point that forced us to cancel export shipments with the potential loss of NZ$25 million to the company. We have a responsibility to take appropriate steps to protect our business and the public investment in our company against illegal and inappropriate activities. We have been doing this and we will continue to do so”.“We will not discuss any details of our security arrangements, as this would prejudice and disadvantage our ability to carry out our commercial activities. However I would like to be absolutely clear. We stand behind Thompson & Clark Investigations and their work for us. Their activities are legal, moral and ethical, and they conduct their business in compliance with their industry standards which are widely accepted and consistent with international practices. These are standards which the activists do not have and could not comply with.“Solid Energy treats the security of our business and the safety of our staff extremely seriously. We will do whatever is appropriate to ensure our staff and contractors work in a safe environment, to protect our property and to minimize disruption to our business. None of this should come as any surprise. It’s what businesses do. Those who claim otherwise are simply trying to mask their own true objectives which are to maximize the damage to our business. Their pathetically contrived outrage is totally without any legal, moral or ethical justification.”last_img read more

ICMMs Annual Review 2007 Essential materials produced responsibly

first_imgThe ICMM’s 2007 Annual Review describes some of the highlights of the past year.  The report records how ICMM works to address key issues that affect the mining and metals sector, providing a benchmark for good industry practice. Addressing industry challenges informed all of its work throughout 2007, highlights of which include:Environment: A workshop on Good Practice Guidance for Mining and Biodiversity was held in Accra, Ghana, bringing together researchers, consultants, engineers, scientists, NGOs, and policy makers to discuss global environmental issues relating to resource exploitation and consumptionSocio-economic Development: Pilot projects with company, government and development agency involvement were initiated in Peru, Ghana and Tanzania as part of phase 3 of the Resource Endowment initiative which aims to improve the economic development outcomes from mining investmentHealth and Safety: The Setting and Use of Occupational Exposure Limits – Current practice, was published by ICMM, reviewing current national or regional methodologies for setting occupational exposure limits for workersMaterials Stewardship: Metals Environmental Risk Assessment Guidance (MERAG) and Health Risk Assessment Guidance for Metals (HERAG) were publishedRelationships: ICMM was cited in the communiqué of the G8 conference held in Heiligendamm, Germany, in June.  The new Chairman of ICMM, Brad Mills (also CEO of Lonmin) was appointed last year. On page 18 of the review, Brad talks about his new role and some of the challenges he identifies for ICMM and the mining and metals industry in the year ahead.The ICMM Annual Review 2007 is available from request printed copies of the report, please e-mail read more

Colorado Goldfields opts for innovative dry stack tailings plan

first_imgColorado Goldfields is developing a dry stack approach for tailings disposal at its Pride of the West Mill. Although used extensively in other parts of the world, such as Chile and Mexico, this is an innovative method of tailings disposal for the US and Colorado. Mines using dry stacking in the US include: Greens Creek, Pogo, Nixon’s Fork, and Kensington: all located in Alaska. Elsewhere TVX Gold in Montana, JR Simplot in Idaho, and Mineral Ridge in Nevada dry stack talings.  “This approach to tailings disposal should remove all regulatory agency concerns surrounding the existing tailings ponds since those ponds will be reclaimed. Furthermore, and maybe even more importantly, this approach will increase the ultimate useful life and financial viability of the mill by several years,” stated Stephen C. Fearn, consulting Registered Professional Engineer for Colorado Goldfields.Lee Rice, President & CEO of the company, described dry stack plan and its importance: “Moving forward we will develop a dry stack method of tailings disposal as part of a new permit amendment.In a filtered tailings or dry stacking system, the mill tailings are filtered (de-watered) to remove approximately 85% of the water at the mill plant itself. The resulting material is approximately 85% solids and 15% water and can be transported by belt conveyor or trucks to a disposal area where they can be placed in an environmentally contained area and handled with earthmoving equipment. “Utilising this approach for tailings disposal will remove some of the issues associated with our prior permit amendment, such as:Providing improved long term geotechnical stability of the tailings disposal areaReducing concerns about potential seismic activityGreatly reduce environmental risks of contamination of ground and surface waterMaking overall compliance with environmental regulations much more efficient and straight forward.“We will also realise some immediate benefits from this dry stack approach, such as:Smaller environmental footprint for tailings disposal areaSmaller operating area at any one time, which is easier to manageVastly improved management of tailing disposal operations during winter season, which is approximately seven months of the yearFacilitates the ability to use tailings for mine backfill to improve underground ore extraction efficiency and reduce need for additional tailings disposal areaConserves water use in the milling processLower long-term environmental liability from possible failure of conventional tailings dam structures.last_img read more

Grass roots exploration leads to new minerals province

first_imgA new polymetallic minerals province has been discovered in western Queensland, Australia. The successful exploration made use of a new technique that examines spinifex leaves for chemical traces of minerals.The Spinifex Geochemistry survey was conducted by Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) in 2015 as part of its Industry Priorities Initiative, part of the three-year Future Resources program.The biogeochemistry technique led to the discovery of phoscorite pipes containing a wide variety of minerals including platinum and diamonds.There are only about 30 known occurrences of these pipes around the world.Leaves from spinifex grass (Triodia Sp.) preserve minute chemical traces of deeply-buried minerals.The study confirmed the value of biogeochemical analyses as a cost-effective and integral part of an exploration program in poorly outcropping terranes.The technique opens up vast tracts of western Queensland where spinifex coverage is widespread, for example, south of the Mount Isa Inlier where huge opportunities exist for explorers seeking large deposits believed to lie beneath thick layers of sediment.These results will be of great assistance to the resources sector exploring in the northwest of Queensland. They help the resources sector better target exploration opportunities; but only follow-up exploration will determine whether mineral resources exist in areas indicated by spinifex analysis.last_img read more

PetroCanada Lubricants to launch new categories of heavy duty engine oils

first_imgPetro-Canada Lubricants, a Suncor business, has announced the launch of its The Tougher. The Better. campaign, which reveals its PC-11 branding in advance of the introduction of two new categories of heavy duty engine oils in December. The Tougher. The Better. aims to encapsulate Petro Canada Lubricants’ vision for the next generation of heavy duty engine oils that will deliver durability and strength in any application.“Durability, strength and efficiency. These are the defining features of Petro-Canada Lubricants and how we position our PC-11 offer under The Tougher. The Better.,” commented Howard McIntyre, Vice President, Lubricants, Suncor. “We are scheduled to imminently reveal our PC-11-ready product line, which we believe is set to be the world’s toughest range of heavy duty engine oils. The Tougher. The Better. offers a clear statement of intent to our customers to show we’re PC-11-ready and committed to the changes ahead.“The announcement of The Tougher. The Better. follows Petro-Canada Lubricants’ PC-11 educative website,, which will continue to offer guidance to the industry in their decision making processes ahead of the introduction of PC-11 heavy duty engine oils. “The PC-11 specification will require heavy duty engine oils to offer enhanced oxidation control, aeration control and shear stability which will all contribute to delivering increased fuel economy, emissions reduction and engine protection. The Tougher. The Better. campaign represents Petro-Canada Lubricants’ expertise in addressing these demands.”last_img read more

Wealth to acquire interest in Seven Salars lithium project in Chile

first_imgWealth Minerals Ltd has executed a binding letter agreement, whereby Wealth or a Chilean subsidiary of Wealth has been granted the option and right to acquire 49% of the issued and outstanding shares of San Antonio Sociedad Contractual Minera and a 24.5% beneficial interest in certain exploration and exploitation mining concessions that comprise the Salares 7 lithium project. This is a lithium brine asset portfolio currently owned 50% by Talison Lithium and 50% by San Antonio and has a total area of 39,400 ha located over seven salars in Region II, northern Chile.“The Seven Salars Project is one of the most important large-scale lithium brine projects in Chile. The property includes the Salar de La Isla, believed by many to be Chile’s second largest lithium deposit and where 68 shallow drill hole samples returned an average lithium grade of 863 mg/l,” stated Hendrik Van Alphen, CEO, Wealth Minerals, Canada.Talison acquired its 50% interest in the project in 2010 and completed drill testing in 2011, but since then the project has not moved forward.Marcelo Awad, Executive Director, Wealth Chile, “Wealth will bring a new dynamic to the ownership structure and the company will be working diligently with the owners, allowing the project to realize its real potential. As a Chilean mining executive, I am pleased to help Chile become the dominant global lithium producer in the new green economy and I believe Seven Salars is one of the most geologically advanced new lithium projects in the country”Several work programs have been completed on the property. A regional geochemistry study of salars in Regions I, II and III of northern Chile was undertaken by a combination of government and non-government agencies between 1995 and 1999. The work covered, but was not limited to, the Seven Salars project. Surface water sampling of springs and lagoons was completed and the results demonstrated widespread occurrences of anomalous lithium and potassium in surface lagoons and ponds, including a maximum value of 1,080 mg/l Li at Salar de La Isla.  Anomalous values were also recorded from a number of springs feeding these salars, although results were generally below 50 mg/l.Confirmatory sampling was undertaken by Taigo Consultants in 2009 as part of a review of the Salares 7 project. A total of 25 surface water samples were collected from lagoons along the boundaries of, or springs flowing into, five of the seven salars.  Results in general confirmed the results of the earlier regional survey.  Taiga recommended the use of geophysical surveys to locate high salinity sub-surface brines, followed by a drilling and sampling program to define the lithium and potassium content of the brine deposits.Between 2010 and 2011, Talison completed Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) geophysical surveys, surface brine sampling and exploration drilling on the Property and TEM geophysical surveys were completed over five salars of the seven salars. The TEM method can provide an indication of basin geometry, continuity of hydrogeological units, geological structures and the presence of brine versus fresh groundwater.  Results identified a number of zones of high salinity and it appears that recent sediments have overlapped onto the salars in places, with brine extends beyond the current salar shore lines.  The results of the TEM survey indicate that the depth of the salars may exceed 200 m.Approximately 200 surface brine samples were collected and analyzed in the Talison Greenbushes Laboratory following routine QA/QC protocols. During sample collection a range of physical measurements were made on the brine including temperature, conductivity and pH.  Analytical results from Salar de La Isla indicate a wide range of lithium concentrations with a maximum value of 1,080mg/l.Thirty-four (34) drill holes totaling 562m were completed with a sonic drill in 2011. Twenty-seven (27) holes were drilled in Salar de La Isla and seven holes in Salar de Las Parinas.  The holes were continuously cored and 92 brine samples were collected.  Drill hole locations were sited around the margins of the two salars.The maximum drill depth in Salar de La Isla was 43.5 m and the average depth was 16 m. Analyses of brine samples obtained during the drilling program indicate lithium concentrations range from 220 mg/l to a maximum of 1,080mg/l; the average lithium concentration of 68 samples was 863 mg/l. The average Mg/Li ratio was 6.6.  Potassium concentrations ranged from 1,960 mg/l to a maximum of 9,830 mg/l; the average potassium concentration was 7,979 mg/l.The maximum drill depth in Salar de Las Parinas was 33 m and the average depth was 22m. Lithium concentrations ranged from 260 mg/l to a maximum of 480 mg/l, with an average of 331 mg/l.  The average Mg/Li ratio was 11.  Potassium concentrations ranged from 4,440 mg/l to a maximum of 8,210 mg/l, with an average of 5,650 mg/l.The property also includes a land package within the Maricunga Salar, adjacent to concessions in the salar currently under exploration by Lithium Power International and Bearing Resources. Earlier in 2017, Chilean state mining company Codelco announced the formation of a lithium production subsidiary with the goal to advance development of the Maricunga Salar.The other salars in the property have varying degrees of historical work completed, including surface samples, water samples and geophysical surveys. The most significant of these is three brine samples on Salar de Aquilar, which returned lithium concentrations between 257 mg/l and 337 mg/l, as well as potassium concentrations between 2,910mg/l and 3,990 mg/l.With this transaction, Wealth now has option interests in 16 salars and the properties have an aggregate area of 110,604 ha. The company is now positioned as one of the largest holders of lithium property interests in Chile.Talison is a leading global producer of lithium with projects in Western Australia and Chile. Production from its Greenbushes project in Australia accounts for approximately 40% of global production.  Talison is owned by Tianqi Lithium (51%) and by Albemarle Corp (49%).  Talison’s operating partner is Albemarle who is also one of only two current lithium producers in Chile and who is producing from the Atacama Salar, where Wealth has a significant land position.Albemarle is a global specialty chemicals company with leading positions in lithium, bromine, refining catalysts and applied surface treatments.Tianqi Lithium is a leading global supplier of lithium products, with major businesses including lithium resource development and exploitation, downstream production processing and trade for a diverse range of high quality lithium products including mineral concentrates.Wealth is a mineral resource company with interests in Canada, Mexico, Peru and Chile. The Company’s main focus is the acquisition of lithium projects in South America.  To date, the company has positioned itself to develop the Aguas Calientes Norte, Pujsa and Quisquiro Salars in Chile (the Trinity project), as well as to work alongside existing producers in the prolific Atacama Salar, in addition to the Laguna Verde lithium project acquisition.  The company has also positioned itself to play a role in asset consolidation in Chile with the Five Salars Project.last_img read more

New technology can help cut mine fatalities VIST Robotics CTO says

first_imgAnton Potapov, Chief Technology Officer at VIST Robotics, thinks technology has a key role to play in reducing the number of fatalities experienced in the mining industry.Potapov said some 77% of all mining accidents resulting in a fatality are tied to human interaction with equipment. With more than 2,500 deaths in 2018 alone, according to the International Mining Fatality Review, that is a lot of avoidable fatalities.“The design of fit for purpose equipment is a very important aspect to be analysed and focusing on this area is an important way to reduce fatalities,” he said.“Now we have technology that allows us to reduce human involvement in a dangerous process. Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things and robotisation, combined, could turn into what is to be called the ‘intelligent mine’,” he said.VIST Group, a subsidiary of Zyfra Group after a recent $30 million takeover, has some experience in applying this technology. It is a leader in the field of development and implementation of IT and AI in the mining and metallurgical industries, and is involved in the automation of industrial vehicles.“In end-to-end smart mining, you remove all personnel from autonomous operating zone and leave robots to themselves. If you need a person or vehicle in there, you equip them with trackers and every autonomous truck watches them carefully.”This could lead to fatalities dropping to zero, he said.“Moreover, the economic and ecological impact are respectively positive: as the use of self-driving vehicles and smart machines allows to reduce costs, it also allows to cut emissions,” he said.He concluded: “The industrial sector is conservative but, as the benefit is obvious, it is not only about the industry but about the society as we shall support any innovation that can help us to save lives and the environment.”last_img read more

Mitchells UIS drilling contract extended by Anglo American

first_imgMitchell Services has won a contract extension from Anglo American that will see it continue underground coal drilling and gas drainage services at the miner’s Grosvenor and Moranbah North coal mines, in Queensland, Australia.The variation to the ASX-listed company’s Underground In-Seam (UIS) drilling contract with Anglo American will see Mitchell provide up to six UIS rigs and provide specialist underground services at the sites.It also resulted in the extension of the contract expiry date to December 31, 2021 with a further two-year extension option available.Mitchell said: “Whilst the company anticipates a significant long term revenue and EBITDA benefit as a result of this extension and scope increase, the company notes that, given the timing of the variation, the expected start date of the additional rigs and the anticipated level of associated ramp up, the variation is not likely to have a material impact on the recently provided financial year 2019 revenue and EBITDA guidance numbers of A$110-$120 million ($77-84 million) and A$21-$23 million, respectively.”last_img read more

Barbara Lazovic stays Slovenian

← Previous Story Jorge Maqueda goes to HBC Nantes Next Story → Gro Hammerseng became a Mother – Olympic Games still not in the plans Right back of Slovenian Krim Mercator, Barbara Lazovic (former Varlec, 24) decided to get back in the Slovenian team after year and a half break. After she refused to play for the NT at the EHF EURO 2010 in Denmark and Norway, there was information that she will play for Serbia, country of her husband, Vuk Lazovic, also a handball player. She confirmed that she would like to play for Serbia at the World Championship 2013 in this country.Something changed in the min-time, so after she made a one year break because of baby, Barbara Lazovic decided to stay and focus on the Slovenian NT led by Tone Tiselj. Barbara LazovicBarbara VarlecHandball World Championship 2013Serbian handball teamSlovenian NT read more

Sweden is new junior world champion

← Previous Story IHF Super Globe groups drawn in Sarajevo Next Story → Junior WCh 2013 All Star Team announced: Stenmalm is MVP of generation 1992 Finally Sweden was the clearly dominant team at the World Championship, winning all their nine matches in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Spain missed to be the first country since 1990 to hold the titles of Men and Junior World Championships at the same time.Final: Sweden – Spain 28:23 (12:10)Boosted by another brilliant performance of All-Star-Team goalkeeper Peter Johannesson, Sweden started highly successful. Spain, being far below par in attack in the beginning, nearly missed every chance. Coach Alberto Suarez took his first time-out already at 1:3, but nothing changed: Spain caused turnovers or missed their shots, while Sweden punished every mistake by counter-attack goals. After eight minutes and the 1:5 Suarez again had seen enough and took his green card. But still the downswing was not stopped: Johannesson saved brilliant or the defence wall stood like a rock, and the Scandinavians extended the gap to 7:2 and 10:5 in minute 22. Only then the Iberians found their rhythm. First they improved their defence, then All-Star Team right back Alex Djushebaev  guided his team by hammer goals. Two minutes before the halftime buzzer the margin was nearly closed at 9:11 – and this distance kept until the break.Right at the beginning of the second half the match became hectic: First Swedish player Ole Forsell Schefvert had to be carried out on a stretcher with a severe face injury after the 11:12, then Johannesson was hit at the head twice by Spanish shots within only one minute. Costoya used the confusion to equalize for the first time at 12:12 in minute 34.But Sweden showed a response of defiance in a partly fiercely match, scoring three straight goals in only two minutes and adding even the 16:12 to their tally. But as goalkeeper Daniel Arguillas saved brilliantly in this period, the Iberians were back on track again at 17:17 – and Swedish coach Jan Karlsson took his time-out.And his players understood, what he was saying, increasing the gap pre-decisively to 24:19, including a triple counter attack strike of All-Star Team player Andreas Berg. Spain was too nervous in this period, while Sweden even could cope with the red card against their defence specialist Anton Lindskog. And finally the match was decided, when Albin Lagergren hit the net for the 26:21 two minutes before the end.The gold medals and the World Champion’s trophy were handed over by IHF President Dr. Hassan Moustafa and Zdravko  Milicevic, President of the Handball Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The silver medals were handed over by Miguel Roca, First Vice President of the IHF, and Nevenko Herceg, Vice President of the Handball Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The bronze medals were handed over by Philippe Bana, Head of IHF Competition Management, and Smajo Karacic, Secretary General of the Handball Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina.Final ranking:Gold: SwedenSilver: SpainBronze: France4. Croatia5. Netherlands6.  Brazil7. Switzerland8. Egypt9. Slovenia10. Serbia11. Germany12. Hungary13. Denmark14. Bosnia-Herzegovina15. Tunisia16. Argentina17. Russia18. Korea19. Qatar20. Kuwait21. Angola22. Congo23. Chile24. Algeriaarticle: IHFphoto: read more

Gislason criticizes Filip Jicha Lovgren and Ahlm would never act like him

THW Kiel coach Alfred Gislason pubicly critized “Zebras” Ex-captain Filip Jicha for behaviour and further departure from the club last summer, when he signed for FC Barcelona: – If we had known this in April, we would have let Rasmus liquor never go to Flensburg,”, Gislason told to German handball magazine HANDBALL INSIDE.-The other option would have been to say: ‘you have to stay. ‘And that would have guaranteed ended with a giant theater. “, said Icelander, who concluded with comparation with some former legends of the club:-Lövgren and Ahlm would never have acted like that. ← Previous Story Boris Denić is no longer RK Maribor coach! Next Story → Vote for the Handball Moment of the Week #2 Alfred GislasonFilip JichaTHW Kiel read more

Bloody Alem Toskić signs for RK Gorenje Velenje

Fans of two teams won’t be happy with the following information. One of the best RK Vardar Skopje players in season so far and RK Celje Pivovarna Laško member between 2007 and 2013, Alem Toskić (33) signed contract with Slovenian vice-champions RK Gorenje Velenje. Ambitious team from small city of Velenje wants to keep level and try to get back to the VELUX EHF Champions League soon, where they have played at TOP 16 twice.Toskić’s decision was based on his private reasons, as his family lives in Celje, 20 km far away from Velenje.Ex-Serbian NT line-player signed two years contract with possibilty of extension for one more.Day after announcing his departure from Skopje next summer, Toskić lost with Vardar in Kolding 33:31 and suffered bleeding injury… Alem ToskicRK Gorenje ← Previous Story Nikola Karabatić receives WORLD HANDBALL PLAYER 2014 trophy! Next Story → EHF Cup 2015/2016: Sporting CP, Alingsas, Haslum and Bregenz end European season read more

Brazil ready for France 2017 with European roster

Brazilian national handball team is on the new beginning. After era of Jordi Ribera, South American team begins with the new coach Washington Nunes the new Olympic cycle at World Championship 2017 in France. Brazil, quarter-finalists of the Olympic tournament in Rio, will play at Group A in Nantes with France, Poland, Russia, Norway and Japan.Serious challenge to qualify for the TOP 16 stage will be ahead of these 16 guys. Only two of them playing at domestic team Taubate. All others are in Europe.GoalkeeperCésar Augusto de Almeida ‘Bombom’ (OIF Arendal-Norway)Maik Santos (AL-Rayyan-Qatar)Left wingsClaryston David Cordeiro Novais (Taubaté)Guilherme Torriani (Taubaté)Left backsHaniel Lângaro (BM Naturhouse La Rioja-Spain)Thiago Alves Ponciano (BM Ciudad Encantada-Spain)Thiagus Petrus Gonçalves dos Santos (Mol-Pick Szeged-Hungary)Playmakers:Henrique Teixeira (CB Huesca-Spain)João Pedro Francisco da Silva (Chambery Savoie Handball-France)Right backsGabriel Ceretta Jung (FC Barcelona-Spain)José Guilherme de Toledo (Orlen Wisla Plock-Hungary)Oswaldo Maestro Guimarães (Anaitasuna-Spain)Right wingsFábio Chiuffa (KIF Kolding Kobenhav-Denmark)Lucas Cândido (BM Guadalajara-Spain)Line playersAlexandro Pozzer (Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto-Spain)Rogério Moraes (RK Vardar-Macedonia) ← Previous Story Siarhei Rutenka to Qatari Al Quiada Next Story → Russia and Belarus want Men’s EHF EURO 2022 brazil handball read more

Concern over use of garda logo in online fraud

first_imgAN IT SUPPORT company has expressed concern about the misuse of the Garda Síochana logo in online fraud in Ireland.Smarttech said today that, over the past year, it has become aware of a “surge” in the number of reports of computer-based scams involving the use of the garda logo in an attempt to extract money from people.The type of cyber fraud being reported is known as ‘ransomware’ which originated in eastern Europe in 2005. The most prevalent example of this is where victim’s software is infected with the ‘ransomware’ and presented with the logo of An Garda Síochána. The message underneath the logo tells the user ‘Your computer has been locked!’ and claims that a fine needs to be paid to avoid legal action.These threats were highlighted by gardaí in 2012 but Smarttech has now called on them to create a social media campaign informing people of this scam.“A social media campaign by the gardaí could go a long way in decreasing the number of attacks taking place,” Ronan Murphy, CEO of the company said. “When people are informed and aware they are much less likely to get taken in.”In response to a query from, gardaí said that there is “extensive advice” on their website on this issue and anyone who has been a victim of such crime should report it to their local garda station.Murphy advised that anyone facing one of these ‘ransomware’ attacks should not pay the fine and have their PC repaired by a reputable repair person.Read: As many as 300 people have lost money due to phishing email scams this year>Read: Cyber attacks lead to €64 million stolen from banks>last_img read more

JPMorgan Chase to pay 17 billion to victims of Madoff Ponzi fraud

first_imgUS BANKING GIANT JPMorgan Chase will pay $1.7 billion to the victims of Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme under an agreement with prosecutors, a US Attorney announced today.JPMorgan admitted to charges that it failed to maintain an effective money-laundering programme and did not file a suspicious activity report on Madoff, said Preet Bharara, US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.- © AFP, 2014Related: Brother of Bernie Madoff gets 10 years for role in Ponzi schemelast_img

Enda Kenny and 6 other Irish people are attending the World Economic

first_imgTHE ATTENDEES AT the World Economic Forum will hear all about Ireland’s good points today from the Taoiseach – and six others.Enda Kenny is journeying to Davos in Switzerland for the WEF, where he intends on promoting Ireland as an excellent place to invest.Alongside the Taoiseach will be six other people, including Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin; Minister for Finance Michael Noonan; Denis O’Brien, Digicel Group chairman; and Mary Robinson, former President.According to the New York Times, the cost of membership and a ticket to the WEF is in the region of more than €52,000 (€70,000), and some powerful people have chosen not to attend because it has “not had much impact”.This will be the Taoiseach’s third visit to the WEF and the first since Ireland successfully exited the bailout programme.He is expected to take part in a busy schedule of meetings, panel discussions and workshop events. His office said that while there, “the Taoiseach will focus on the continued promotion of Ireland as a top-class destination for international business and investment”.Kenny is due to meet individually with leaders of several major multinational firms, where he will speak to them about how “a pro-business, world-class R&D environment and well-educated workforce set Ireland apart”, as well as the fact “our young and well-educated flexible workforce [are] key elements that make Ireland an excellent place to invest”.He will also participate in a number of WEF events, one of which will include President Jose Manuel Barroso as well as the Prime Minister of Sweden, Italy’s Minister of Economy and Finance and the President and CEO of Siemens.He is expected to meet Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, United States Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and Citigroup’s James Cowell during the event.On Thursday evening, the Taoiseach and Minister Noonan will participate in an IDA-hosted event for senior executives of major international companies.Minister Noonan said: “I will be meeting senior executives of major international companies and key policy makers. I will be updating them on developments in Ireland and discussing the opportunities and challenges in the year ahead.”They are also expected to meet Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, and Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, Minister for Finance of Switzerland while there.Read: Pretty much everyone in Davos thinks the economic crisis is over>last_img read more

15 billion people gained access to more Irish produce last year

first_imgTHE DEPARTMENT OF Foreign Affairs renewed access to more Irish produce to a market of 1.5 billion people, its latest report has detailed.It has published, for the first time, an overview of the economic and promotional activities undertaken by the Department.Ireland’s Economic Diplomacy in Action 2013 details the 136 “high-level visits with a significant economic or promotional dimension” conducted in 52 countries, including an increase in the number of trade missions from 8 in 2011 to 18 last year.Imports banAccess to several new markets was also secured, including the lifting of the ban on Irish exports to Japan, and a ban in several Middle Eastern countries on the import of Irish beef and sheep meat.“Embassies in a number of other key markets, including the US and China, continued to work to achieve full market access for Irish beef,” the report said.Over the course of 2013 saw the Department engage with 1,152 representatives of the international media, reaching a potential audience of over 50 million people, the report details.It also had 661 engagements to “promote Ireland’s economic position to office-holders”, and 734 specific engagements to “facilitate trade and investment supporting Irish jobs”.“Some examples were an ‘Invest in Ireland’ roundtable hosted by the Tánaiste in Atlanta during the St Patrick’s Day period, a financial services event in Luxembourg, a seminar on Ireland’s R&D environment in Hokkaido, an event for the Irish Funds Industry Association in Edinburgh,” the report said.This year five new embassies will be launched, as well as three consultate generals, at an expected annual cost of €4.7 million.“This will allow us to take advantage of opportunities in key emerging markets and regions, and will provide a platform for further promotion of Irish exports, investment, tourism and education,” the Tánaiste said.Read the full report online here.Read: Government to reopen Vatican embassy, 26 months after closing it >Previously: Government “is satisfied” without Vatican embassy >The Gathering: Last year was officially our best for tourism since 2008 >last_img read more

Woolwich attack Suspect discharged from hospital as postmortem results released

first_imgA POST-MORTEM has found that the British soldier killed on a London street by suspected Islamists died of “multiple incised wounds”.Lee Rigby, 25, was hacked to death in broad daylight a week ago by two men, one of whom later delivered an Islamist tirade to passers-by.“A post-mortem established that the cause of death was from multiple incised wounds,” London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement, adding that Rigby had been hit by a car before being attacked by the two men.A formal hearing into Rigby’s death will open at Southwark Coroner’s Court in London on Friday, police added.The announcements came as counter-terror detectives prepared to question one of the two prime suspects, both of whom were shot by police at the murder scene, and urged witnesses to come forward.The first suspect, 22-year-old Michael Adebowale, was discharged from hospital on Tuesday and was being held at a south London police station ahead of questioning.His suspected accomplice Michael Adebolajo, 28, remains in hospital.Adebolajo was filmed holding a bloody knife and a meat cleaver shortly after the attack, telling a passer-by he killed Rigby because British soldiers were killing Muslims every day.Eight other people have been arrested over the case, including two women released without charge.Both Adebowale and Adebolajo are converts to Islam who grew up in Christian Nigerian families.Police on Wednesday appealed for witnesses to come forward, particularly those with information about the blue Vauxhall Tigra car that struck Rigby.“A fast-paced and complex investigation is now under way led by detectives from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command,” senior police officer Simon Letchford said at the murder scene, near Rigby’s barracks in Woolwich, southeast London.“We need to hear from anyone who may have seen Lee being attacked or who may have any other information that may help.”Rigby had a two-year-old son with his wife but the couple were separated, and he was engaged to another woman, Aimee West.West, thought to be a member of the Royal Military Police serving in Afghanistan, issued a statement on Wednesday saying she was “devastated by the loss of Lee, who was a loving fiance”.“I am extremely proud of him and I am moved by all the flowers and tributes, and that he has been remembered by the nation as the great man that he was,” she said.- © AFP, 2013Read: Far-right protesters turn up at mosque, worshippers give them tealast_img read more

Were being exposed to more radiation than before

first_imgSource: RPIIre/YouTubeIF YOU THOUGHT that the greatest radiation threat to you was Sellafield or nuclear power stations abroad, you’d be wrong.Radon is far more of a risk to people in Ireland. The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) said that less than 1 per cent of the average radiation dose is due to exposure to artificial sources such as Sellafield and Chernobyl.Between 2008 and 2014, the annual exposure for people in Ireland has slightly increased, from 3,950 to 4,037.Notably, the dose from radon has dropped slightly, while thoron in homes has risen.Radiation in IrelandIrish people’s exposure to radiation has been quantified in a report published today by the RPII, which looked at all sources of radiation in the Irish environment and calculated the average annual dose to the population.Natural sources of radioactivity, such as radon, account for 86% of all exposure, while man-made sources contribute approximately 14%. This latter category is dominated by the “beneficial use” of radiation in medicine.Dr Ann McGarry, Chief Executive of the RPII, said:The assessment clearly identifies radon as the primary source of radiation exposure in Ireland. Our radiation dose is high compared to other European countries because of the high levels of radon in this country and some families in Ireland are exposed to extremely high radiation doses in their homes.She explained that exposure to radon is also one of the few sources which can be reduced.The assessment includes the results of a new study of radioactivity in the Irish diet; new data on thoron gas in Irish homes; and an evaluation of medical exposures by the Health Service Executive (HSE).RadonRadon is the principal source of radiation exposure to the Irish population, contributing over 55% to the average radiation dose.Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas and is the second biggest cause of lung cancer after smoking. It is linked to up to 250 lung cancer cases per year in Ireland. Most of the radiation dose from radon is received in people’s homes, but also workplaces.Other sources of radiation, such as fallout from nuclear accidents and weapons tests, or discharges of nuclear or radioactive waste to the environment, remain at very low levels.The full report can be read here.Read: Over 90,000 homes may have ‘dangerous levels’ of radon gas… just 8% have been checked>Read: Ultrasounds could replace radiography for detecting pneumonia in children>last_img read more

Well leave it there so Sweet success in Paris more glory in

first_imgI don’t know is it a good thing or a bad thing that you know the road ahead of you, I just put the head down. There was never a time that I wanted to pack it in, if that thought crossed my mind I’d be wondering what I was doing there at all. It drove me on really, when I was down doing physio and the lads were out on the pitch.”Cork’s Colm O’Neill on his long road back from injury nightmare.                                                      The fixture list At Croke Park, there are a couple of fourth-round football qualifiers down for decision. Meath take on Armagh at 5pm while that’s followed by Kildare’s clash with Monaghan at 7pm. Meanwhile, at Markievicz Park at 3pm, there’s the MFC quarter-final between Donegal and Roscommon.   Michael Conlan and Michaela Walsh could claim gold medals at the Commonwealth Games. Walsh is first up in her Women’s fly decider against England’s Nicola Adams while Conlan will also be up against a home favourite in his bantamweight bout with Qais Ashfaq. Walsh is in the ring at 2pm while Conlan is in action at 3.45.Day Six of the Galway Races takes place.There’s some League of Ireland First Division action with Cobh Ramblers taking on Waterford United.And the pick of the pre-season friendlies sees Manchester United take on Real Madrid in front of 109,000 fans in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kick-off is 9pm GMT.                                                   Showbiz, baby!‘Arry was at Carton House. And he loved it. He was scribbling away his daily transfer news for us in between the questions.  Source: ©INPHO/Donall Farmer“I keep on mixing up Lynne Cantwell and Joanne Cantwell.” 9 footballers we’ll miss not seeing in action for the rest of the GAA seasonIn pics: Ireland Women claim hard-fought win over USA Updated at 21.03NEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s sports news… The Ireland and USA teams take to the pitch for their Women’s Rugby World Cup clash. Source: ©Dan Sheridan/INPHO                                                               HomeThe Ireland Women’s rugby side, inspired by an eighteen-point haul from Niamh Briggs, got their World Cup off to the perfect start with a 23-17 victory over the USA in Paris. Next up is a relatively easy assignment:  New Zealand.There was more success for Team NI at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow as both Michael Conlan and Michaela Walsh secured at least a silver medal after their respective boxing bouts. Paddy Barnes has done likewise after he won his 49kg semi-final.A proposed Irish Rail strike will cause havoc for those wishing to travel to the All-Ireland football semi-final on 24th August while there’s a further threat of a temporary suspension of services on the first and third Sundays in September – the date of the All-Ireland hurling and football deciders. Source: ©INPHO/Donall FarmerThe now ex-Republic of Ireland international Richard Dunne has revealed that he spoke to Robbie Keane before announcing his international retirement.Kilkenny boss Brian Cody has hit out at the criticisms leveled at the Dublin hurlers in the aftermath of their defeat to Tipperary.Rory Best has been named as Ulster’s new captain. The 30 year-old hooker previously wore the captain’s armband between 2007 and 2011 before stepping down as skipper. Source: ©INPHO/Presseye/William CherryFollowing the ugly scenes that marred Wednesday’s Milk Cup game between Northern Ireland and Mexico, four players have been slapped with suspensions.Popstar in-waiting Shane O’Donnell has more time to concentrate on his pop career now after it was revealed that he broke his hand during Clare’s recent win over Cork. He faces four weeks on the sidelines.                                                                 AwayArsenal boss Arsene Wenger admitted that Thomas Vermaelen could be on his way out of the Emirates with Manchester United lying in wait to secure his signature.We won’t be seeing Dustin Johnson for a while. The eight-time PGA winner announced that he’s taking a leave of absence from golf with immediate effect to seek professional help for ‘personal challenges’. Late this evening though, reports suggested his time-out was actually enforced due to cocaine use.  Dustin Johnson is stepping away from gold for the forseeable future to deal with some ‘personal challenges’. Source: Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press/Press Association ImagesEveryone’s chipping in to offer their take on Louis van Gaal with Gerard Pique the latest. Apparently, aul’ Louis wasn’t very nice to the Barcelona defender when he was a child.Tiger is still chasing Jack Nicklaus’ record but Rory’s not – he’s just concentrating on winning his fourth major.Michael Cheika’s Waratahs face into an incredibly unkind history when they take on Canterbury Crusaders in this weekend’s Super 15 final but the ex-Leinster coach is satying positive.                                          The best thing we sharedThis goal from Leicester City’s David Nugent is all kinds of right. Get in!                                                       On the record last_img read more